Monday, May 18, 2009

Coco! and 7-Eleven

My last post for Konbini theme photos. Coco! convenient store looks rather pinky than other konbinis. It's probably the only Coco! in Saijo. 

Tabako and sake plus ATM, though I never come to 7-Eleven for these services, sometimes I feel the urge to get the freshest bread at 4 am in the morning from this konbini. It takes less than a minute from my place, across from it. I presume there are five -7Elevens around my neighborhood.
Common sight in the afternoon, when high school students stop by.

Yuri San: Ohayo gozaimasu (Good morning)
Hiro San: Oden onegaisimasu (I'd like some oden, please)


Tall Gary said...

Wow. Look at that traditional Japanese house near Coco! in the top left photo. It’s gorgeous.

I get a real sense of “being there” in that bottom 7-Eleven photo.

Good job, Henny!

Vogon Poet – We can see all four scripts written in Japan in the top left photo, including western script.

Henny has pointed out that we can see 酒 (sake); and た (ta) ば (ba) こ (ko). Strangely, for some reason, this “tobacco” is written in hiragana. (There are some links to good hiragana and katakana charts and information on this page).

In 焼きたてパン, in the second sign from the bottom, the first symbol, 焼, is a kanji. Taken together with the following 3 hiragana characters we have: 焼 (ya) き (ki) た (ta) て (te): followed by two katakana characters パ (pa) ン (final “n” sound). Because it is katakana you would be right to guess that it is based on a foreign word. In this case the word, meaning “bread” in English, has a Portuguese origin. Together, all the characters have the meaning of “freshly baked bread.”

The bottom sign (above the sign for toilets and parking) is で (de) き (ki) た (ta) て (te) 弁 (ben) 当 (tou) = “freshly made box lunch(es).”

In this case you can see that all of the hiragana characters have at least one curved line. The two katakana characters have only straight lines.

I hope that you can make a little more sense of this language.

Kaori said...

I like the Coco! sign above the traditional japanese house, very cool henny :) Is Coco only in hiroshima? I remember seeing it there, but we don't have them around the Kanto area.

Vogon Poet said...

Thank you again Tall Gary, your efforts and henny's pictures are working. I do not pretend to delve deep in japanese writing, but with these practical examples (and your patient explanation) I am beginning to grasp the way different scripts are used. The top image was exactly what I was looking for...

henny said...

Hi, glad that these photos bring back some old memory for you, Gary and Kaori. And VP, sorry if I can only present a little through my photos.

henny said...

Kaori, there's Coco! in Nagoya, too, so I think it's not a local chain store, just not as popular as other konbinis maybe?