Saturday, May 23, 2009

What's playing today?

Some movies in the cinema today at T.Joy Entertainment Complex in Saijo. Been more than a year living in Saijo, I'm so left behind with the latest movies. It feels different to watch an English spoken movie which is dubbed into another language. I can guess one movie only, Angel and Demon, please correct me if I'm mistaken.
Yuri San: Senshuu watashi ga mita eiga wa tsumanarakatta (The movie I saw last week was boring)
Hiro San: Donna eiga? (What movie?)


Tall Gary said...

Yes! You are right about the movie on the right, Henny. (In Japanese – 天使と悪魔 {Tenshi to Akuma}.)

We can see some of Saijo here, also, in the reflection in the glass (or plastic) poster cases.

This is a colorful, evocative photo.

The foreign movie on the left is “State of Play" with Ben Affleck, Russell Crowe, and Helen Mirren. I’ve never heard of it but I’m not big on movies these days. The Japanese title is 「消されたヘッドライン』。Something like – “Deleted Headline.” 

If anyone is curious about the Japanese movie in the middle, it is 『60歳のラブレター』 (60-sai no rabu retâ). Something like: “Sixty-year-old Love Letter.” I’ve never heard of that one either.

Christopher Raun Leth said...

Great photo, Henny.

Btw I've got some problems getting feeds from this blog on my blog list. Have you turned it off in your settings?

Babzy said...

O genki deska ? Hi henny , my japanese friend taught me this sentence , i hope it makes sens for u ;)
NIce shot , i love going to the cinema and i appreciate asian films !

Vogon Poet said...

I don'k know the japanese eiga in the middle but can be only better of those two boring movies...

nanak said...

mataram ga punya bioskop :(

henny said...

@ Gary, thanks a lot. Again you helped me with great info. I took several photos within the mall area before noticing (again) there's a "No Camera" sign posted on the wall :).PS: how can we use regular keyboard to type Japanese characters?
@ Christopher, I'm sorry, I think it's because I changed my URL?
@ Babzy San, genki desu. O genki desuka? Some say Asian movies are good. Hollywood has some remakes, doesn't it? :)
@ VP, try watching them with Japanese language:). Have you seen James Bond speaking Japanese? "Watashi wa Bond desu"...
They dubbed the movies into Italian, too, didn't they? Thanks for the shortest review :).
@ Nanak, kasihan deh kamu :)). Sewa DVD aja.

Tall Gary said...

To input Japanese for Windows there is MS IME.

For Mac, all you need is already there under System Preferences/International/Input Menu/Kotoeri.

Then, if Mac, after choosing languages, click on stuff in the top right or use keyboard shortcuts.

You can google “MS IME” for yourself also.

Good luck.

henny said...

I'm a PC :). Thanks, Gary. I owe you much. Will try it tomorrow.