Sunday, May 3, 2009

Mitsujo Tumulus (II)

The square projection on the right side of the keyhole-shaped mound.
As we can see, the square projection on the left side of the keyhole-shaped mound.
On the third/top level of tumulus No.1. This is called Zenpobu. This long front area of the mound was originally the place where the burial rites were performed. But it lost its original function when this tumulus was built and is only for display.
Yuri San: Takai ne (it's so high)
Hiro San: So desu (it is)


Vogon Poet said...

Thank you for the details and, by the way, excellent photos. The function of these 'cans' is purely decorative or do they serve some purpose?

valeria said...

I don't think I understand this... Is this a cemetery? I must have got it completely wrong...

Babzy said...

Very intereting visit !

Tall Gary said...

This is for Valeria.

Fascinating photos in this series, Henny.

I visited a couple of small kofun in the Tokyo area.

JM said...

Gorgeous perspectives of a fantastic place! The 1st one almost doesn't seem real, it looks like a model! :-)

Christopher Raun Leth said...

Very beautiful photos of a marvellous place. So very different from anything I've seen in Europe.

Dusty Lens said...

Even afterlife, there is symmetry and order.

joo said...

Amazing place! Thanks for such an interesting post.

Blogger Senayan said...

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henny said...

Hi, People, thank you so much.

VP, wait for the 'Cans' tomorrow:).

Valeria, I'm sorry for confusing you. Have you checked Gary's link? Well, I am posting this themed photos in order, I hope you can get the big idea about this ancient burial mound.

Gary, are there any differences with the kofun you saw in Tokyo?
Thanks for the link. I always forgot to find resourceful links for help :).