Friday, May 1, 2009

Happy weekend everyone...

Gravestone in Japanese is called Haka. Both notes in Kanji and Romaji on that haka are really making me confused.
Weekend soon and here I am with some photos from a cemetery in Saijo. They were taken about three weeks ago. This cemetery is located behind Saijo City Library,  the largest cemetery I have seen so far, as many of them are located in private area and belong to some certain families.
Hiro San: Kono tabiwa, makoto ni goshushosama deshita (please accept my condolences)
Yuri San: ........ (........)


Vogon Poet said...

Did I read the romaji right? A tombstone from a pet? Great idea, cemeteries say a lot of things about people.

Christopher Raun Leth said...

I love visiting cemeteries for two reasons; the peace and quiet there, and the history that is hidden behind the tomb stones. These photos have a lot of sadness over them, perhaps because of the black and white.

And a happy weekend to you too:-)

henny said...

Thanks, VP and Christopher.
Usually I'm gonna rush to the Communication Corner with camera full for some detail info of photos I have taken. I forgot this time :). I spent hours in this cemetery and enjoyed it a lot for nobody was there and it gave me time and space to explore it. You are right, it gives you such a mixed feeling about those who are buried (well, not many, as you know some knowledge of funeral rituals from Far East), their family and even yourself.

CathM said...

Hmmmmmmm... I've enjoyed this post. I do like churches and cemeteries. An informative and visually stimulating blog!