Friday, May 15, 2009

35th Anniversary

7 Eleven and Hello Kitty are  celebrating their 35th anniversary together. 35 years old of Hello Kitty's first product, and 35 years old 7 Eleven of its first store in Japan. I spotted this sign outside "konbini" across from my place today.
Something I didn't know before coming to Japan was that Hello Kitty was called Kitty Chan.
This pictured leads me to my next theme for tomorrow, "konbini" in Saijo.

Yuri San: O tanjoubi omedetou gozaimasu, Kitty Chan (Happy birthday, Kitty Girl)
Hiro San: Chigau. Kitty Kun desu (No. I'm Kitty Boy)


roentarre said...

Interesting poster there

Vogon Poet said...

We'll wait...

henny said...

@ Roentarre, thank you
@ Mr.Poet, just don't get dissapointed :). Thank you, anyway.