Friday, May 29, 2009

Where to park?

Don't forget to pay your parking space every month, says the sign on the garden fence made by a parking service company. Parking space is limited, some are located side by side with home garden or paddy field.

I live in downtown Saijo where apartment buildings grow rapidly as such requires parking lot for the residents.

Yuri San: Kuruma ga takusan (so many cars)
Hiro San: Watashi no wa doko desuka? (where's my car?)


Vogon Poet said...

In these apartment buildings each flat seems to have its private balcony.

Tall Gary said...

I’m not sure if I would really want to rent a monthly parking space from a company called “Showroom Gorilla” even if they do have spaces available.

The building looks new. The apartments look huge. The windows looking out onto the balconies seem to alternate, three, two, and one; right to left. I wonder if there are different floor plans.

Ayie said...

Japan tends to go vertical with everything, parking this way is ok but might be inconvenient at times.