Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Tea Ceremony

There are some steps on how to drink matcha/tea properly, but let's skip half and start with:
- bowing and saying "thank you for the tea" to the host,
- take the chawan (tea bowl) with right hand, place it on left palm,
- turn the chawan clockwise twice in order to avoid its front,
- drink the tea to the last sip,
- turn the chawan back so that the front faces you,
- place the chawan in front of you.

How to prepare a bowl of tea? Put two scoops of powdered tea into the bowl, add hot water and whisk it with the tea whisk until it gets frothy. It's delicious, and taste so fresh,

but will not complete without a slice of red beans cake. Enjoy.


joo said...

Superb post Henny! I've been always fascinated with the tea ceremony - of course there's no chance to see it here, so thanks for showing:)

Rob said...

Superb! Looks so calm in over-busy Nippon.
I tried to add your blog as a link on mine, but what I got was your feedburner.Maybe you should check your CDP subscription and make sure you registered your blog with the full URL, something like the 3 www are important. Also do the same in your blogger settings. Good luck!

Babzy said...

i like the ceremony , great ,i saw one in my town years ago !

JM said...

Wonderful post! Nice ladies, delicious food and a really pretty bowl!