Thursday, July 9, 2009

Let's Play Kendama

Playing with this toy seems so intriguing. First time trying it, I didn't want to stop until I got at least put the ball on one of its cup which is the easiest part.

A kendama consists of a ball with a hole in it and it rests on a spike on the top of a kendama, a hammer shaped handle, two cups at the two extending sides, and a small cup at the bottom of the handle. Kendama play consists of catching and spearing the ball in various ways, putting the ball on the spike or the cup.

Kendama is very popular as it's always performed in festivals. The origins of the game are obscure, you may find similar game in your country with different name.


Babzy said...

In France we call it Bilboquet , but there are no cups of both sides , when i was young , i was good at this game ;)

sTaR's ZoNe said...

you know,
A man in the picture is like Teppei ^^