Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Ready to Ride

Yesterday I posted a photo of an old scooter someone had left unused at the university's bycycle parking lot. Today it's time to show you brand new scooter being displayed at a store not far from the campus. What brands? Honda, Yamaha, Suzuki, Vespa, you name it.
A new scooter cost range from about 190.000-120.000Yen (roughly US$1.900-1.200). Choose your favorite. I want the orange one :).


nanak said...

sorry balesnya lama
lagi sibuk :)
kurang tau artinya apa
taunya 'kelep' artinya terbang, 'tiu' ngga tau hhe

Kaori said...

I'll take the yellow one if they don't have purple :)

Vogon Poet said...

You got Vespa in Japan? Incredible!

henny said...

@ Nanak, artinya 'terbang bebas" kali...;)
@ Kaori, purple is already taken :)
@ VP, sure! What can't you find here? :). We've got pizza, Vespa, Ferrari and Gucci, too :)).

Leif Hagen said...

Henny-san, Konnichiwa! I love your blog photos which remind me of my two years teaching English as a Mombusho teacher in Gero Onsen, Gifu-ken! Domo arigato from EAGAN daily photo in Minnesota, USA