Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Used Scooter

Can't afford a new scooter? Why not a used bike? You can get it from as low as 40.000Yen (US$ 400).
Have a nice week, everyone.


Vogon Poet said...

This is scooters paradise, really you can get a used scooter for US$ 400?

Anonymous said...

What a nice work! I was at Saijo from 2002-2004, Now your work really make me back to those days!!

-Partha Ghosh, Ex-stdeunt of Hirodai, Bangladesh

henny said...

@ VP, for a 50cc scooter? Yes we can. Here, the maximum speed for a scooter is below 50km/hour.
@ Partha Ghosh, welcome back. They said, 6 years ago, Saijo was paddy field :)).