Thursday, July 16, 2009

A motorcycle and a postcard

Postcards, letters and small packages sent for you are distributed by JP Postal Postmen using this red motorcycle. Among the many newest and trendy designs of this kind of vehicle, our post office -in Japanese 'yuubinkyouku'- stick to the old ones. No complain, I love it.
And today, I received a postcard from Istanbul!.
Got this postcard from Delilah and Jack when they spent a month in Turkey. They are now somewhere in Egypt having the most fun trip ever :). Wishing them a happy, safe journey.


Delilah + Jack said...

Hello from Dahab, Egypt.

Henny! I am so happy you recieved it...I was starting to worry it might not make it. I got my parents to take the postcards from Turkey when they went home, so it was posted from has made a long trip to get to you :)

-D and J

henny said...

I read it in your post, something about cheap stamps? :)). The postcard has traveled much farther than I have so far.
Egypt? I think I have to edit my note.

Vogon Poet said...

Catching up with posts I found the Blue Mosque in Japan and was curious to read the story...