Thursday, July 2, 2009

A Cone of Aisukurimu

About once a month I go grocery shopping with friends in this area in Higashi Hiroshima, borders with Saijo in the north. I've been to that place several times but never with a camera and longed to show you this ice cream shop which at a glance doesn't look Japanese except for its name. Surrounded by paddyfield and Japanese style houses, this shops really stands out. Last Sunday I managed to remember bringing my camera along. It is also a reminder for me of how sunny a day can be because now it's rainy season in Saijo and will last probably until next week.
Yuri San: Aisukurima wa, nani ga suki desuka? (What ice cream flavor do you like?)
Hiro San: Ano, meron to vanira desu (Melon and vanilla)


Babzy said...

Wow it looks yummy , it's so hot here to day , i'd like one :)

Vogon Poet said...

As a building it reminds me of the Brooklyn Ice Cream Factory. The menus are very nice and the big cone is fantastic. I hope the ice cream is good as well.

JM said...

Absolutely cute little house!

Kaori said...

Yummm!!! The handmade menu with all those icecreams is cute :)