Sunday, June 7, 2009

I want it curled

An old barbershop, in the old part of the town.
Let's check its tariff:
- straight, permanent: 10.000Yen,
- iron, permanent: 7.000Yen,
- hair color:  5.000Yen,
- hair raising (again, I'll check this with my teacher): 3.000Yen.
Quite expensive for a barber shop I think.
What's the difference between having your hair straightened or ironed? To be honest, I've never been in a beauty salon in Saijo :).

Yuri San: Kirei na kami (Nice hair)
Hiro San: Aironpama simashita (I Had it ironed)


JM said...

Lovely façade!

Babzy said...

nice little barber shop :)

Coşkun said...

Hi Henny
What a high price.
In my town hair cut only 10 tl (about 1000Yen).

Tall Gary said...

That bottom one can also be written as 女性顔剃り, as in “women’s face shaving.” Not that Japanese women are famous for their mustaches. But stuff happens as people age. Don’t ask me about my ears.

joo said...

At first I tought it was flower shop:) Lovely.
Have a nice week:)

henny said...

Thank you for stopping by.
@ Coskun, in my hometown, you can get your hair washed, creambathed, cut, altogether with only 5USD :).
@ Gary, really? Do you think there's something like removing someone's facial hair? I won't dare ask you about your ear. What about your face? ;).

Tall Gary said...

Yes, Japanese women sometimes do actually shave the light (or not) hair on their faces. Complete hairlessness is either normal or an ideal. Older women here in the States sometimes bleach their mustaches but it would look a lot better if they just shaved.

On my face I have a goatee. It’s gray, until it turns reddish brown again as I get younger. Wait. I don’t think I’m getting younger. So it’s gray until it turns white. Maybe you can see my face a little if you click the blue TALL GARY next to the Blogger icon just above.

OK, I know you are curious. If I didn’t shave the outside edges of my ears they would look like this (but gray).

Vogon Poet said...

Bar Ber sound like the name of a fashionable waterhole is some big city. Very nice photo and post, with interesting digressions on female facial hair in the comment.