Thursday, June 11, 2009

Angkor II

Angkor II, located in downtown Saijo, is the biggest pachinko in town. For a small town, Saijo quite has many pachinkos. In the morning, usually there's a long line of people waiting to get in to find their luck. I love this one, it has many funny posters outside. Of course this building not only houses pachinko parlor, however, sorry, I haven't found out what other activities run in this huge building. Moreover, I'm not able to go inside yet. Got to find someone for free tour:).
Meanwhile, since Angkor I remains mystery until today, this pachinko theme has to be continued some time until Yuri and Hiro San come back with their finding. Have a nice day, everybody.


nobu said...

Hello, Henny.
"Hanano Keiji" is a Japanese manga,anime.
That's hero "Maeda Keijiro" is come from real Samurai(same name).

Oh! Angkor2 is very large pachinko parlor.
On that signbord (in third photo), They write "We have a parking lot for 800 cars".
It's great for pachinko parlor located in downtown.

By the way, "Tensai Bakabon" (in the last photo) was a my favorite manga,anime when I was a boy.
And now, "Bakabon" have come back as a pachinko character!!

Kaori said...

I heard somewhere that Pachinko parlors have the cleanest public bathrooms! Maybe you can just pretend to use the restroom and sneak in :P

Kaori said...

I forgot to comment about the award I passed on to you, surprise :D

Vogon Poet said...

I am fascinated by this pachinko theme, it is incredible that it can be so addictive for so many people.