Sunday, June 21, 2009

Dare To Climb?

You can guess from the tittle above what sign it is :). It's a sign which is found on most electric masts in Saijo and probably anywhere in Japan.

This one is not a sign actually, it's on a gate of sake house located in my neighborhood. I asked several people about this writing, so far, nobody has answered my challenge :). Let's just enjoy this photo, I personally like it. What about you? :)
PS: Do you think I should continue this theme?
Yuri San : Onegaisimasu (Yes, please)
Hiro San : Unn, chotto (Mmm, maybe not)


Babzy said...

i should say, as you want ;)

Christopher Raun Leth said...

I did guess the first one from your hint (in Danish it would read Kravl Ikke Op - Livsfare), but I'm at a loss as to the meaning of the second. Maybe a sign asking people not to hang signs here?:-)

Tall Gary said...

I completely failed. It looks like the nameplates people put on walls in front of family homes so I’m thinking it is a family name. What name that might be stumps me.

That loose style of writing is almost always impossible for me to decipher. The first kanji looks like 佐 but I could be wrong. The third one is certainly 田. It’s the middle one I can’t read at all.

I’m looking forward to the answer, Henny. Henny? You do have the answer, don’t you? Henny? Are you there? I guess you are busy finding other interesting photo opportunities. Anyway, thanks for the challenge.