Friday, June 19, 2009

To Smoke or Not to Smoke

Signs for today's post are found at Hiroshima University. Apparently, this sign above doesn't work :).
This is a trash bin special for empty milk box. I wonder who was behind this nice box.


Kaori said...

Aah yes, that is the very important question these days for smokers. Thankfully I don't need to make that decision since I
never learned how to smoke. What about you henny? BTW, that milk carton box is really cute :)

Babzy said...

that is the quetion smoking for me ;)

Tall Gary said...

My guess is that the people who empty the milk-carton recycle box arrive in this taxi.

Cute photos, Henny. Love the cigarette butt in the bottom right corner by the no-smoking sign.

henny said...

Thank you all for your dropping by.
Kaori, I don't either, did try once, when I was 9 ;).

Babzy, viva Hamlet, although I don't understand Shakespeare at all :).

Gary, cute taxi you found there. I swear, it's not me who left that cigarette butt :).

Vogon Poet said...

The cow box is really funny, the no smoking sign works like everywhere: not so much!

Christopher Raun Leth said...

The no-smoking sign seems to be understood as a sign for where to smoke. It's often the same here, unfortunately. The cow box is a funny and great design:-)