Saturday, April 11, 2009

Well Matched 2

I missed yesterday post. Not that I went back to the City Hall to take this pic :). It's already in my file. I should have post this first before.
Hope this can answer your curiousity. Vending machine is at the right one, and the other is where you throw the empty can or pet bottle away through the hole.
Yuri San: Koko gomi wa, dame yo (Don't put your garbage -can- here)
Hiro San: Ah, wasureta, gomen ne (Oh, I forgot, sorry)


brattcat said...

I love all those bicycles and those eye-popping purples. I've never been in a kayak but I look at them longingly. I've been reading Tintin stories and loving them. Thank you for giving me the extra incentive I needed to check them out. Ha, you're right. That doggie in the window did look a little like snowy ( :

Afyonkarahisar said...

I never in my life is not my bike. I was touched to see. Greetings.

JM said...

Very eye-catching! Love the small coloured cabbages in the foreground.

Tall Gary said...

I am a native English speaker, but you know what? From the time I could speak I have confused my right and my left sometimes. I wonder why. Anyway, I can really empathize with your having the vending machine on the right and the recycle bin on the left when, actually, it's the opposite.

I agree with Brattcat: Those are some wild shades of purple.