Thursday, April 2, 2009

Orange Rules

Dontaku, a small bar in front of Saijo Station and little Nissan as bonus.
Hiro San : Ikimashoo (let's go)
Yuri San : Doko ni ikimasu ka? (where are we going?)
* kuruma = car


Julie said...

I liked your yellow theme day but your orange theme today just rocks! Great eye. I like your photos. I am signing up as a follower and look forward to more great photos. I am glad you enjoyed the Chihuly Saffron Tower on my site for theme day. I have a daytime photo of the Saffron Tower up today. Thanks for your comments.

Bath Daily Photo Blog said...

Hi, thanks for visiting our blog, I love yours! My daughter is obsessed by anything Japanese and is learning Japanese at the moment and she is 13! Will watch your blog and put you on our favourites too! Love your photos!

henny said...

* Thanks Emma and Tom, I really appreciate that. Will try my best show photos as beautiful as yours, they're awesome. I too met a girl who's obsessed with anything Japanese, she's 12. Maybe we can call those ages as 'sushi age' or something :).

* Julie, Orenji always rocks :))