Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Kiiro Biru, for Yellow Theme Day :)

Hey, I got yellow fever, too :).
Just came back from wandering the old part of the city several hours ago. Got caught in the rain and wind, I headed home earlier. This photo was taken one block in front of Saijo Station . Still have no idea what building it is. My guess, it's a beauty salon. I'll ask my teacher :). There are two words on the board, the top one is in Chinese character or Kanji, and the word below written in Hiragana characters is "Katsuya", which is probably the name of the building.
I'll try to include some simple daily expression for each post. It helps me to review my Japanese lessons, and I hope you can enjoy it, too.
Yuri San : Kore wa hoteru desu ka? (Is this a hotel?)
Hiro San : Ie, kore wa biyouin desu. (No, this is a beauty salon)
Care to try the short talk?
* Kiiro biru = yellow building.

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