Saturday, April 25, 2009

Hanami at Kagamiyama Park

What a great time they had.

An intimate escape.

While others were speaking loudly, these people spending their time in silence using sign language.

The latest version of Mozilla Firefox vs Google Chrome. What do you think?
I now have them both installed in my PC. I'm happy to have me back again, hope it will last :).
Last week was like Hansel and Gretel missing some of their breadcrumbs, I lost track of some favorite daily photos I follow.
How are you all? Wish you a nice weekend and have some beautiful shots.
There's no more Sakura left, but I can't resist the feeling to upload my Sakura and Hanami shots. Hope you like them. They were taken at Kagamiyama Koen (Park) on April 12.

Hiro San: O hisashiburi, o genki desuka? (Long time no see, how are you?)
Yuri San : Haik, genki desu (Yes, I'm fine)


Vogon Poet said...

Beautiful photos but the last three shots are wonderful: I love details!
I use both Chrome and Firefox: the first is fast but crashes once and then. Firefox is slow and cumbersome for downloading small files.

valeria said...

Lovely! Spring in Hiroshima, what a quiet and paceful portrait!

JM said...

My favourite photo is the one where flowers are blooming right at the trunk of a tree. Amazing!

Christopher Raun Leth said...

I love these blooming trees. Very much like I picture a Japanese spring. Nice to have you back. BTW I use Firefox mainly because it's stable and quicker than Explorer.

Kaori said...

I love the cherry blossom pictures! You can never get enough. I always wish they would last longer...but then they wouldn't be special :)

henny said...

Thanks everybody. Wish I could post all photos of this spring. I now have to say goodbye with Firefox. Just for temporary.

me said...

It must be a beautiful time in Japan.