Sunday, April 12, 2009

Doko desuka?

A traditional house in old part of Saijo not far from Saijo Station. In this area we can find many sake production houses, and it is one of must see places in the town.
This photo was taken two weeks ago, the weather was cloudy, but the lights were good for taking pictures. I was trying to take a different POV, this was the best I could find without having any unwanted background but the sky.
For pp, added warmify effect .
Hiro San: Koko wa doko desuka? (Where is this?)
Yuri San: Saijo, sake no machi desu (Saijo, the sake town)


Christopher Raun Leth said...

Very interesting and a fantastic photo too. I do enjoy your lessons in Japanese even though languages is not my strong side:-)

Kaori said...

This is a house!? Wow, I thought it as part of a castle or something. I love the old style rooftops.

Babzy said...

Breautiful , i love the roofs !

Vogon Poet said...

Great shot, it is an incredible house!