Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Otsukaresama desuta...

And the winner is....

A show performed by one of the sake house employees.

Not only adults, children also took part performing a drama of sake making.

Sake brands from some region in Japan. From left top clockwise, Shikoku Kyushu region, Chugoku region ( Hiroshima area), Kinki region and Chubu region.

For your sake and green tea.

Sake barrels in front of a house.
The last post of sake houses, today I also uploaded some photos of sake festival in October 08.
I'm sorry I wasn't around for five days, have some trouble with Mozilla Firefox and Blogspot everytime I try to click links, it shut off.
Yuri San: Otsukaresama desuta (Finally, we're done)
Hiro San: Otsukaresama desuta. Ja ne (Finally. See you later)


Vogon Poet said...

Very funny and lively images. I guess the year of the festival is 2008, so you probably have more of these. My favourites are the first and the last: those barrels are wonderful!

Bath Daily Photo Blog said...

I love these images henny and particularly the little cups and drinking vessels! We love sake! We adore Japanese food as well.

joo said...

Good I don't have to choose between sake and green tea! I like both (and sushi and miso):)
Photos are super!

Tall Gary said...

Your photos make it look like so much fun, Henny, but somehow I wish we could hear some of that drumming at the festival. Oh, but we can if we click here: ヨイサー。(It should be a safe link because it’s YouTube.)

By the way, I’m glad that you are back and that your computer is fine again.

frenchie4moi said...

The pottery is beautiful. I have some Japanese pottery and love it. I've been know to like a little sake from time to time too!

Great post.

Christopher Raun Leth said...

Sometimes I liken computers to black magic. They often seems to have a life of their own. Hope your troubles are over now:-)

Anyway you've posted some really fine images of this festival.

Bushido Bryan said...

I really dig your blog. Fun photos and interesting :)

Stephen Baird said...

henny ... i have photographed for 30 years. you are way ahead of where i was. you are doing great. you have some photos that are better than mine now. the secret is to keep shooting. i took many years off before auto focus cameras because my eyes went bad.
now you have many more years to shoot than me! that's why i am taking so many now.
your photos are very enjoyable. i love this one.

JM said...

Sake barrels look so cool and so do the beautiful cups.
Glad to know your internet problems are solved now! :-)

henny said...

VP, you're right. It's 08, blame my web browser, hehe..

Emma and Joo, the best place to enjoy the food and drink is here, in its very heart :).

Gary, I think I know the guy :)

Thanks, Christopher. I missed many of your photos.

Bryan, you found me!!

Stephen, thanks for the encouraging words. I just started last year, so many things to learn. Now my 500Gb is filled with some ugly photos, but like you said, keep shooting :).

Not yet, JM, it's getting worse, but I have some alternatives :).