Monday, March 23, 2009

Spring Feed for the Pigeons

After wandering for a couple of hours at the Hiro Park, I stopped for lunch at the bench.
There were many pigeons playing around the park and I noticed no one fed them.
Lucky, I have a lemon bread left.
So, with bread crumb in my left hand, camera in the right, I tried my luck ;).
Suddenly surrounded by tens of birds around was a nice esperience for me.

It was quite a long effort to get at least a good photo, I remember this song by Basia:

First one, it's a shock.
A second helping, not good enough.
Thrid time lucky, and you've arrived!
If you have any doubts then try one more time...

Don't ask me how many photos were taken before I got this nice bird in my hand. Still feeling a little guilty for having bribed them :)).

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