Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Apaato To Be...

Apartment, or Apaato (in the local pronunciation) is growing rapidly in small town Saijo. This is one of old houses here in Saijo. I think it's about time they will replace it with a new apartment or mansion. .
Saijo is a university town of Hiroshima University along with Hiroshima city itself. As the central city of Hiroshima Central Technopolis, high-tech industry is growing.
The population growth rate is high compared with other cities, and the number of people from other countries (including students from abroad) is also increasing, requiring new apartments and mansions development for accomodations. The cost for an apaato varies according to the location and the room size. With a limited spaces, no wonder we can see some very small sized of apaatos.
I'm gonna post some photos of apaatos and mansions in the upcoming weeks. Have a nice day.

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