Monday, March 23, 2009

Next Stop: Genbaku Dome

...Sugiwa, Genbaku Dome mae desu :)

It's been months I hadn't visited Hiroshima city.
Last week I finally went there to find some omiyage or souvenirs for a friend and of course to take some photos.
Spring wasn't showing its beauty yet,
so I went to the Hiroshima Memorial Park again for the third time.
From the terminal, in front of Hiroshima Eki (station), take trem no. 2 or 6 to go to the park.
The first corner after the trems terminal is the best spot to capture those trems.
There, often we see various kinds of old and new trems meet, which is interesting.

This is a collage of trems in Hiroshima city taken from different spot. The newest trem is Greenmover Max. And the oldest one is? Perhaps that yellow-brown one.

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