Monday, January 4, 2010

Today's Story

A sunny day in Hiroshima city, there was a food festival in the area near the Hiroshima Castle which was ended today, the last day of new year holiday.
I bought my first obanyaki in 2010 :)

And this is what I saw at the temple, I think it's a special day where people visited the place to do some rituals.
Salary men from offices nearby came in flocks to join a processions (I didn't see 'salary women'),
perhaps praying for a better life in 2010.


brattcat said...

Thanks for your visit, Henny. It has been awhile since we popped in on each other. I'm hoping, too, for a better life for all in 2010.

Walter Neiger said...

I wish you a Happy New Year!

Kaori said...

Is that Obanyaki pink? Strawberry, maybe? Looks delish :D

Tall Gary said...

About the good luck charm in the colorful bottom photo: “Hamaya arrows are commonly purchased at the New Year by visitors to Shinto shrines who use the arrows to ward away evil forces and bring good fortune into their home or business. Hamaya are sometimes referred to as ‘demon-slaying’ arrows due to a traditional belief in the power of these objects as aids in overcoming adversity.”

joo said...

Beautiful sky overHiroshima:)
I like the sweets - would love to try the pink ones!
Great week to you Henny:)

henny said...

@ Brattcat, you're most welcome :)
@ Walter, you're here!
@ Kaori, yup, stroberi, my fave.
@ Gary, again, can I use your info as additional note? I had a funny story about that yesterday :)
@ Joo, Obanyaki is a pancake like sweets, with filling usually made from red bean, but now there are various of filling.

VP said...

A very interesting post, I'd love some obanyaki now! Thanks to Gary for the info about the arrow, I was quite perplexed about it...