Friday, January 1, 2010

New Snow 2010

Four months twenty two days. I did count how long I have neglected this photoblog :(.
Having come back from my hometown in Indonesia for long holiday, my laziness seemed to overpowered me. What have I missed during my absence? Please don't tell :). And the fact that it's the last year of my staying in this town would be my greatest regret for not keeping it up to date.
How are you? I do hope everything is fine. Missed you all and our community. Would love to hear your stories, Guys.

There are some notes related to this blog that I hadn't managed to do: make its thumbnail appears in the CDP homepage (trust me, I tried several times), make CDP's logo appears in my homepage ;), do theme day every month, connect this blog with my photo gallery so that there's no more double uploading, and make it looks tidier. It looks messy, doesn't it? Seems a simple task actually. Oh, the to-do list is long, I'd better stop here.
No 2010 resolution at all, I knew I would fail again. The only thing I learned was don't put things off what you can do now. So, there I was, between Dec 31, 09 at 11:30pm and Jan 1, 10 at 00:30am, under the bright full moon, -3 deg Celcius, holding my camera (the tripod didn't help) until I couldn't feel my hands anymore. And here they are...
tad da...postcards from Saijou... wishing you all Happy New Year 2010, a better life for us, God wills.


Kaori said...

omg henny! happy new year! so glad to know you're doing okay! it's really good to have you back and see your lovely saijo photos again :)
best wishes for the new year!

Babzy said...

Hi !! Nice to see you again on the blog ;) Waiting for your post ! I wish you a marvellous new year !

Julie said...

welcome back. Happy New Year and I wish you many good photos in 2010!

Tall Gary said...

I’m so glad to see you back, Henny. When I saw your icon at Kaori’s it was like a ray of sunshine beaming from my computer monitor.

Here’s hoping that you travel through 2010 smoothly, prosperously, and in good health. Happy New Year!

nanak said...

saya juga baru kembali ni.
vakum lumayan lama. hoho
enak ya uda pulang k indo, sekarang balik k jepang lagi.
kapan ya saya bisa k jepang. nvm

henny said...

Thank you thank you thank you :). It feels good to be back again.
@ Gary, where have you been, too? No news and no email address to write. Your disapearing was one of the reason of my missing :)). You were doing fine, weren't you?

VP said...

I have just discovered that you're back and I'm very happy with this. I hope you'll win your 'laziness' and post some nice pictures.
Welcome back and Happy New Year!

Tall Gary said...

Hi Henny. Lama tidak berjumpa.

Thanks for asking. I got super busy with a job I had to do in my free time. I thought it was over but it’s not. Ha ha. But still I will have time to visit your fine site to see what you are up to, and how you have been.

Semoga Beruntung!

henny said...

Yes VP, long time no see, how are you and Trillian? Happy new year, I wish you all the best this year. You're right, it's my worst enemy and I hope I can show some improvement in my photography skills.

Gary, kamu hebat sekali! What's now, Indonesian??? It was over? Please please no, I promise myself :)).