Sunday, January 10, 2010

How old can it go?

Would be nice to ride this one around the town :).


VP said...

I have to ask how is the weather before this... Here is raining since yesterday.

Tall Gary said...

VP: I just checked Hiroshima is cold, sometimes rainy, sometimes snowy, sometimes sunny but always cold. Around freezing at night and close to freezing in the day.

Here it is sunny and warm: 23ºC (74ºF) in the day; as low as 9ºC (48º) at night. No complaints. Ha ha.

Henny, the nice thing about that motorbike is that you never have to worry about damage or vandalism.

If you do go riding around on that remember to wear proper head covering: like this.

Amin said...

Hi! Thank you for your visit to my blog.I shall try to write.

henny said...
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henny said...

* VP, I'm so sorry. But you like rain, don't you? Here's cloudy today. I'm gonna wait for Thursday :)

* Gary, 23? That's so spring. Now that you mentioned it, I will put Saijo weather's link later.
Tomorrow it is said to be cloudy all day.
I do hope the owner doesn't find his/her motorbike being displayed here. And no, thank you for your suggestion. I do have my own cover style :).

* You're welcome, Amin.

Kaori said...

No I think that's too cold for me! I'll wait until spring to ride it ;D